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The first time I set my eyes on her I was an awkward teen. I walked into the opulent apartment of screen legend Ernesto Alonso. My boyfriend (soon to be husband) and I were visiting Mexico City--it was circa 1993 maybe 94....

Jacqueline Bonnin de La Bonninière de Beaumont was born to wealth. A French socialite whose family made a fortune from rubber, banana, and palm-oil plantations in Africa, Indonesia, and Indochina....

I first read about La Costa Brava in a biography about the gorgeous screen goddess of the late 40s and 50s Ava Gardner. She was one of the most beautiful women to set foot on this earth, in my humble opinion, although Ernest...

Valentine's day is upon us, here's a look inside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's villa, Casa Kimberly, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. These iconic lovers set this fishing village ablaze and catapulted it onto the global stage in the 60s, while Burton filmed Night...

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