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Welcome to my A*muse*ing website

Francesca Cruz is an award-winning journalist, lifestyle & travel writer, full-time muse,
and an “enchanteresse” of magic

I am Francesca Cruz

A Cuban-American girl raised in Miami with a penchant for travel, wellness, food, magic and storytelling. I’m an award-winning journalist who began her career on television, later parlaying that into a successful career in publishing as an Editor-in-Chief. Looking to experience more out of life, I set an intention and promised myself I’d venture to see all 7 Modern Wonders of the World. I accomplished my goal in less than 2 years. After seeing 50 countries, delving into different cultures, writing published articles about numerous destinations, studying various faiths and theologies, and enjoying food from around the world alongside award-winning chefs—my curiosity is still piqued and my bucket list of countries I want to write about, and things I want to experience, continues to grow. 

It is my pleasure to invite you to join me for the ride…

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