Turning Sadness to Something Else

Turning Sadness to Something Else

Been up since 5am–can’t seem to think straight. I’ve been terribly sad for several days, issues of the heart, but today I’ve decided to be proactive.

I have several meetings and things I need to attend to through-out the day and I’ll be all over town. I’ve decided to leave messages on pieces of paper wherever I go.  On a table, by a cash register, on someone’s car, in a bathroom…so on and so forth.

Some small note, with a kismet verse so whoever might read it (and is feeling down and out) or just needing to hear (read) kind words–will.

I’ll be taking pictures of the notes and uploading them later.


Soon others will find out about this public journal of sorts—I’m kinda sad about that. I like the impish sensation of being in this massive virtual world yet being part of a secret. I don’t want to miss that.


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