From Miss Piggy to Grace Kelly

From Miss Piggy to Grace Kelly

To be attractive you most know yourself…your best qualities. What are your best angles? Is your
profile stunning? Do you have a heart shape face? This means the camera is kind to you if you
pose head on. Do you have a strong jaw line? Then you must learn to pose to one side, slightly
elevating your chin. Is your face round? Then using make-up that contours your cheekbones is key.

This is all information I learned from years of modeling, working as a production coordinator
and later editor in magazines, along with research and of course, trial and error.

Although I have high cheekbones they are round when I smile and my jaw is square, so images
of me head on are not the most flattering. I look like Miss Piggy, to be honest. I loved
Miss Piggy as a kid. As a young girl, she was a great example of a go-getter assertive
female—well, you know what I mean. I loved her personality, her style but who wants to look like Miss Piggy?!

Early on I remember an acting teaching showing me the importance of looking at yourself in
the mirror and learning to showcase your high points. It’s important to know how to walk,
how to smile, how to move your arms and body so that it is the most appealing so that
you are the most desirable. Going along with who you are and what your image is. Image
is everything.

Of course, this particular blog is focused on physicality we’ll discuss other qualities an
individual should have or acquire at a later date…

Most of the most beautiful women that ever lived were not necessarily classical beauties, yet
learned early on to study themselves and embellish their virtues and disguise their flaws. In the
case of Jackie Kennedy Onassis she simply set a trend. She disliked very much her large unfeminine
hands so she’d always wear white gloves. Turning white gloves that covered what she presumed
to be flawed hands not only into her staple but a fashion trend in the 60s.

Jennifer Lopez is another perfect example—she intentionally placed focus on her ample backside
making it her number one psychical attraction (among others). In a time of emaciated models
starving themselves, La Lopez made curves sexy again.

We must learn to observe our best attributes and bring them to center stage, as well as, embrace
what we don’t like about ourselves and turn that into a plus.

Grace Kelly’s personal photographer Howell Conant said Grace knew she had a very strong jawline
and she became a master at positioning herself so that she always looked breathtaking while
softening her features via smoke and mirrors.

Grace Kelly in the Bahamas

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

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