Magician Personality

Magician Personality

As the New Year approaches it is interesting to observe the personalities of those that have
achieved great success in the realm of “causing admiration to the point of fawning in the ‘collective psyche of society’ kind of way”. For to have that gift, to be able to move masses to that degree is very powerful.

Observe Madonna and her cocky, charming, and self assured personality even when she was but a struggling and starving dancer turned singer. She was connected in an almost religious sense to the muses.

Those mythical creatures that allow a mere mortal to become a creative source.

What of that MAGICIAN personalty (note: research Jung or Dr. Paul) can we emulate and or borrow to better achieve are goals for 2011?! It is time to ponder…

Cruz the Muse

Something tells me John Oats has changed his tune (pun intended)

Francesca Cruz
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