I just love the secret code that men have between themselves. It’s an unspoken rule to be as fraternal
as possible–Even if they don’t really know each other. Men seem to always have each other’s back.

This is something that doesn’t exist between women. I’m not sure why that is. Yes, granted we are
wired differently than men are, and yes, men speak manglish while we’re all about emotions and what we,
and others emote, but that only gives us more reason to be nurturing towards our own gender, and
look out more for one another.

Guess what though?! That is not the case. Women are, by nature, more catty, more judgmental and,
taking it to an extreme here: unsupportive of each other.

This needs to change and fast

I want to create a place, a blog, a group, a site—what have you, for this. A place where women can
connect, feel understood, supported, empowered–to establish an “unspoken rule” like men have,
that we are to always have each other’s back. I’m doing this a step at a time.

Today I accepted to do an interview to discuss personal stuff–I would have opted not to, but
decided to do it as long as I could talk about creating a place for just that—empowering women.

This is a promise I’ve made to myself.
How can we each start? Say only kind and pure words to other women. Tomorrow my focus will
be to observe any negative judgment that might cross my mind, however brief, and focus on making
that thought positive, or seeing only, positive images.

I’m going to make this happen, if need be: ONE GORGEOUS GAL AT A TIME.


Cruz the Muse

Francesca Cruz
[email protected]