It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy…

It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy…

Today I begin my 5 day detox fast…

I recently had some alarming news–apparently it’s normal for gals to get cysts on their ovaries, but
the idea of my body NOT being in anyway, shape or form in its top working condition has shaken something in me.

I recently finished an article about a restaurant that practices the philosophy of sustainable food. What this means is: it uses products from local and organic farmers. Their menu is also based on the seasons–meaning we are not supposed to have watermelon in December unless it is BIONIC, so we wait till it is in season and are able to enjoy everything that comes along with that.

Summer equals: vacation, beach and pool, fun and laughter…and yes, WATERMELONS.

Who doesn’t have an AWESOME summer memory that involves a watermelon?!

What a novel idea, huh? NOT! This is how we gathered our crops and prepared meals before. And by “before” I mean the growth of suburbia, fast food joints and chemically engineered food.
Food without preservatives, pesticides, hormones and all that other guck we’ve been poisoning our bodies with for such a long time–that’s what I’ll be slowly returning to.

So TODAY I begin my fast and a deep “rebuild” or “returning to simplicity”. I’m looking forward to it now, but let’s see how that process evolves. I shall keep you posted!

I will shortly be informing you of the process and how I’ll be going about it–

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