Finally Home…

Finally Home…

Dear Diary, (AKA Blog) Dear Blogary

Oh My! I’m so glad to be home!!! Didn’t think I was going to make it out of Venezuela. Street
corner gunshots at 3am, two days ago, were my morning get-outta-bed-you’re-outta-here alarm

Great way to wake up in the morning with a bit of a kick in your step–

I seem to love my country even more when I travel abroad. Americans really are very fortunate to
live and call US home. I wake up every morning feeling like a lotto winner. A greater appreciation comes with visiting a place like Caracas. So rich in resources and naturally beautiful, yet
really dangerous.

The sense of stability, opportunity, individualism, and simple vigor for life we have here can’t be surmounted by any other place in the world.

I feel as if I came back (here comes the cliche BUT IT IS TURE) a changed individual…I will soon explain
why. In the meantime I just want to count my blessings as I prepare to take on the world, and a new
adventure–just around the corner…

As soon as I can walk properly again—yeah, yeah I did write WALK…I’ll explain soon enough. 🙂

Cruz the Muse

Francesca Cruz
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