Felix Cane

Felix Cane

Had the opportunity to spend the weekend taking workshops with Pole Fitness World Champion Felix Cane.

It was a wonderful experience! She is a truly talented, bright, positive and enthusiastic gal–
who is a phenomenal dancer.

It was lovely to discover that she is down to earth, sweet and humble–it was such a pleasure
to meet her!

Aside from having a great weekend and lots of girl bonding time–I learned from her just how amazing
the human body is–how receptive the human form is! If we train the body to achieve the goal
we set forth for it–it responds.

Like a Stradivarius that awaits to be fine-tuned

Tomorrow when you awake–be gentle with yourself and count your blessings for to be “willing” and with
the full use of an “able body” (hence: willing and able) is such a blessing!!!

Cruz the Muse 😉

Felix Cane

Francesca Cruz
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