Fear And Loathing But NOT in Las Vegas…

Fear And Loathing But NOT in Las Vegas…

“Fear” by far is the scariest word yet–

I think about how it effects the human psyche. How many things went or could go undone in the
life of an individual because of it.

How IT is the worse disease on the planet, and it nourishes all other psycho somatic diseases. Like
one of those droppers used to nurse a wounded pet back to health…drip, by slooooow drip of liquid fear.
This, of course, having the reverse affect–causing apathy, depression and regret in the human

I imagine it nestled into a muscle, an organ a joint and creating havoc.

Fear has a lover–oh, you did not know?!

That would be “lack”–with fear taking over the mind and lack allowing fear to know just how limited the world and life is…well…you have, shall we say a: dynamic duo.

So today, this Sunday afternoon at 6:13pm I say to Fear and Lack–with everything I have–from the
depths of my swollen belly…. F-OFF!!!

My life is full wonder, full of joy and abundance–all the wonderful things I seek–seek ME now.

It is never too late–to do what your heart desires, and achieve what you are meant to fulfill in this life time–

Oh wait!!! I just remembered I gotta check my lotto numbers.

Cruz the Muse

Francesca Cruz
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Francesca Cruz is a lifestyle & travel writer, full-time muse, and an “enchanteresse” of magic.