Bad to the Bone? Or Dumb Down to the Meniscus?

Bad to the Bone? Or Dumb Down to the Meniscus?

Heresy I say—HER-E-SEY!!!!

With the two recent incidents of disillusionment I’ve had because of the unethical conduct of four separate individuals
I’ve just had to stop and wonder: Are some people born with a mean streak, and do they keep it at bay because
they need to be able to function in society? And does that meanness eventually just spills out every opportunity
that it is given. Their black hearts just ooze the meanness they have within–like thick black
bubbling to a boil molasses.

I mean (pun intended) is someone born innately mean and “bad to the bone”? I suppose it depends on what
we consider bad, and what is considered, within the collective psyche of the masses, ethical. Well, for that we can
stick to the basics we find in the 7 deadly since. I had to recently deal with gluttony and coveting. Wait! To covet
isn’t a deadly sin, just a plain old regular sin. Okay, so we are dealing here with 1 deadly and 1 regular.

No Krypto–just regs, but a sin nonetheless (I’m using colloquial language here because I can “throw down”
like that.) Throw down–there goes another colloquial saying. Oh geez–back to my point.

I suppose I can sit (I’m actually lounging on my bed–insert visual) and complain about it. I can even try to figure
out if the source is some sort of deep routed pain or a lack mentality; but in fact, what I should look to them
with is pity. For to carry meanness around in your heart must be very taxing. That crap must weigh a lot!

And yes, unfortunately some people are just plain mean because by being mean to another individual they
can feel better about themselves. Only for a short period of time, but I’m sure the high is worth it.
It takes a lot of extra effort to be mean, a lot of energy. What poor souls they must be. And so, those who
are bad to the bone are really just dumb down to the meniscus.

“Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”–Mark Twain

Francesca Cruz
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Francesca Cruz is a lifestyle & travel writer, full-time muse, and an “enchanteresse” of magic.