Back From Hiatus…

Back From Hiatus…

I had decided to take a break from the bloggation world…not so much because of bloggation constipation, but due more to the fact of a rejection to writing about being in the moment and not really BEING IN THE MOMENT.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to turn out a blog, but if I’m writing–I’m not DOING…

I recently returned from my adventures in Scandinavia: was in Copenhagen, Sweden…briefly in London and even Berlin. I had decided that while there I would immerse myself in everything that was taken place around me without prejudice and with the intention to live every minute to the fullest.

I got a change to reconnect with old friends I hadn’t seen since deciding, 20 moons ago, to spend a summer in Cuba.
Both of my friends, Obe and Pedri, have changed a lot–in the obvious–their appearance, but also emotionally and intellectual they are both very different people.
Individuals I learned to re-appreciate, but in a different way. As if I was meeting them for the first time in Europe.

I came back from my travels realizing I had unfinished business in Europe and needed to return. There are adventures still to be had and lessons to be learned for me there. And so in about 3 weeks I shall return and stay for about a month.

My anticipation of the trip is dancing all around–two steps ahead of me and in full regalia. This time
when I return someone very special shall accompany me…I can’t wait for all the wonderful things that
await; and once I’m back–Exciting news shall embrace me in Miami. AND SO SHALL IT BE…

Interesting how we have the power to WILL things into our lives…go ahead and give it a try 😉

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