At the Top At the Age of 45

At the Top At the Age of 45

How many women can say they were at the top of their game at the age of 45?  YES, 45!

Here’s some more tidbit–she was at the top, at the age of 45, in 1955 when the age of 25 was considered “over and out”…

This would be the Burlesque goddess and Hollywood star: Gypsy Rose Lee

She reinvented herself several times in life…

And is that not the greatest invention, the ability to “reinvent” yourself?

You are never out…maybe down, for a bit, BUT NEVER OUT!!!

Go start anew in a new land or with a new story, a new past…blessings with stardust <3

Cruz the Muse

Gypsy Rose Lee ( far right to the front)

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