A View On Burlesque

A View On Burlesque

Within my research, discovery and practice of the “Art of the Tease” also known as Burlesque…

I’ve come across a wealth of knowledge on art, beauty, music, dance, history and have also been able to connect or (perhaps re-connect) with my sensual POWERFUL feminine side via movement and enlightenment.

Recently I discovered the art of Reginald Marsh, a painter born in Paris and very prevalent during the 20s and 30s, depicting life (particularly of Vaudeville and the stage) in New York City during that uproarious, curiously wild/on the boarder of deprived (in so many ways) and definitely decadent times.

A “Fin-de-siecle louche decadence yielding to grim sincerity…”

May you discover and enjoy his art as I have…

All my LOVE,

Cruz the Muse XOXO

Negroes On Rockaway Beach


Gotham Burlesque 1931

Reginald Marsh Art Circa 1931


Hudson Bay Fur Comapny






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