A Bit of LOCO Never Hurts…

A Bit of LOCO Never Hurts…

While relaxing with friends in their hometown of Hillerod, Copenhagen (my second to last stop on this European-eyeopening-returning-to-the-origin-adventure) I have been on for the past 2 weeks;
I took a pause to lounge on their couch (note: dealing with menstrual cramps–ugg!) and to finish reading my book. In this occasion it’s Rob Lowe’s autobiography of his trials and escapades in Hollywood.

A funny read and a good take on how a career can comeback around (not the norm in Hollywood). Just goes to show that the pretty people of the world don’t have it so easy. The beautiful and the damned…
as the notion goes…

I really enjoyed coming across his story of Christopher Walken (the quirky, odd and very talented amalgame of a man–won’t even get into the Natalie Wood debacle). You might remember him from Pulp Fiction,
although you really should remember his Oscar winning performance in Deliverance
(Note: if you haven’t seen this movie–YOU SHOULD–it is ONLY part of our Cinematographic history, right up there with Grapes of Wrath and Apocalypse Now.)

Lowe describes Walken in the following way…”He had a level of talent, mystery and let’s face it, weirdness…He is unexpected sweet, with an odd yet vaguely self-aware sense of humor. He is also brilliantly
unpredictable on-stage, which makes him one of the most riveting actors in contemporary theater.”

I remember once seeing Walken in LA, I had recently moved out West and was walking down Sunset all on my own on a hot summer day. I suddenly see this huge old black caddy pull up to the curb and park in an
abrupt manner, almost running my skinny 19 year old ass down.
And then the lair door opens and out jumps this terribly tall and thin man dressed in head to toe black. Long sleeves to boot! He was so tall the sun just about burned my corneas as I attempted to get a good
look at him.

There he was in his Gothic regalia, in sweltering heat, he insisted on black. He had this pasty white make-up on, or at least what appeared to be white make-up. Walken walked like the living dead
pursuing the light. He was the oddest and most bewitching creature I had ever, and have ever come across.

I remember thinking how scary it must be to be so odd, and what courage he has to wear his abnormalness with such pride…
this is way before Lady Gaga (we’re talkin’ like 1995-96 here)

He was quirky before quirky was in vogue…when it was still misunderstood and made fun of. I loved that about him. His fearlessness.

I think we should all at least once a week have our Christopher Walken Day. A day we step out of our comfort zone and just wear, do or say whatever we are compelled to. Without being deliberate about it.
The idea isn’t to offend or hurt anyone else. The concept here is to not be afraid to bring out the silliest or artistic side of ourselves out. Just let it all hang out ‘a la Chris Walken

Wouldn’t that be the shizzzz?

PIG FEET!!! BLOODY NAILS!!!! NIPPLE CLAMPS!!! ‘C, “WHO KNEW”‘!!!!! I WANT NUTELLA, ALL OVER!!!! CRAMPS SUCK!!!! (This commercial break was brought to you by the Chris Walken Foundation)

Cruz the Muse

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