Thinking and Going the Virtual Route

Thinking and Going the Virtual Route

“A mentor can mean the difference between a
successful and satisfying life and one in which a
person becomes a loner, remaining on the
fringes of society and feeling miserable.”
–Dr. Temple Grandin, “recovered” autistic:

Such a beautiful and truthful quote but what I noticed most about this quote–what stood out for me, was the following: The Fringes of Society

Those on “the fringes of society” seem to be the individuals I find fascinating and I’m most inclined
to attract.

Those souls that need so very much to fit in. Those that need comfort, to be understood, to even be
defended, and of course, accepted.

Ironically though, these are the same individuals that give in return what I have coined “Negative Reciprocation”.

Negative Reciprocation is to respond to an individual giving to you by taking and
taking and in return reciprocating (which can and
may be of emotional or material value) the least amount of positive reinforcement while
continuing to take from the giver.

Eventually the giver is spent and devalued, because the taker begins to think they are deserving
of it; and have become accustomed to receiving not realizing that the giver is attempting to “lead
by example”.

The giver gives more in hopes of having the taker understand via action until
disillusionment sets in and the giver goes in search of balance and or fairness.

The taker is left to feel abandoned–never realizing how the disproportionate amount of
his or her taking without giving on his or her part (and by giving I mean in a pure selfless
and complete way.)

This brings the taker back to the same unhappy place.

I’m still working on this notion…analyzing and trying to better understand “it” and the human

Cruz the Muse

Francesca Cruz
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